wxMaxima 0.8.5

I have released wxMaxima version 0.8.5. There are no major changes in this release. One of the cool things added are two new translations (Greek an Japanese). wxMaxima can now be used in 14 languages (besides English). Thanks to all the translators for their hard work.


6 thoughts on “wxMaxima 0.8.5

  1. Can you post a little of the history behind what you have created. When did you begin this project and why …. also some of your feelings behind Matlab

  2. Kevin Wheelock says:

    I have (almost) successfully compiled wxMaxima (including maxima and gnuplot) for PPC (OSX Leopard, 10.5.8). It runs, it plots (in AquaTerm), it connects to Maxima, and so on. The only problem is that the wxMaxima menus fail (there are several asserts regarding the menus); they are visible, but all grayed out.

    Would you like any of the binaries, or is there some way my efforts can be helpful to you?



    • Vincent Stanford says:

      I have the same problem on my PowerBook G4 running Leopard. My Intel iMac running leopard does not have this problem. Neither does my Mini running Snow Leopard. Any hints would be appreciated. Maxima works on command line and even in the wxmaxima GUI when I put in commands that would work in the command line version. Maxima also works in TeXmacs, which type sets the results beautifully, too. I can’t get to the help files from wxmaxima GUI, either. Any hints would be appreciated. I am running Leopard 10.5.8 with all current patches, and gcc version 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5493).

  3. Maybe you can check if the PPC binary from fink works as expected. Do you compile wxMac yourself or do you use the package provided by Apple? You can try the wxMac sample programs and see if they work as expected.

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